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About SAP International Group

The SAP International Group Company is a financial holding company that provides the services in financial markets at international levels, provides for the needs of the the Information technology, Accounting, Construction and Transportation, its affiliate holdings, and other large-scale organizations. Lubricating the liquidity of the stock of companies affiliated to the Social Security Department and financing required by the Social Security Investment Company is among the most important operational plans of the SAP International Group Investment Company. Active participation in financial markets and the acquisition of the most possible returns in these markets, taking into account the existing risks and environmental requirements, as well as playing the role of the financial arm in each situation, are among the most important goals of the company. At present, SAP International Group is trying to create a credible and unique brand among financial holdings in the world, as well as professional consultant in the portfolio management field with the availability of financial resources, skilled and capable manpower, and active arms in the financial markets, wide-ranging outsourcing communications and agility in decision-making. Also, by creating a systematic and effective system in the field of human resource management and risk management, the company has also been reformed and improved. SAP International Group Investment Company is primarily an economic firm, but at the same time, we believe that economic activity must be accompanied by legality, transparency of performance, accountability and compliance with social responsibility. Such an activity maintains equity rights and conditions and provides the sustainable development.

Our Team

Fostered with a highly experienced and enthusiastic team of professionals, we have been able to offer the finest quality products to our precious clients. Hired on the basis of their academic record, knowledge and experience, our professionals hold rich experience and possess in-depth knowledge of their domains. Our professionals work in close harmony with the clients to convene their specific requirements in the best possible manner. In order to move with the fast pace of this industry, we conduct several training sessions for our professionals on a regular basis.

Infrastructure Facilities

We are backed with a well-established infrastructural facility that is integrated with several in-housed units like manufacturing, quality control, research & development, etc. These units help us in maintaining smooth workflow and ensure systematic business operations in an efficient manner. We have installed several high-tech machines, equipment and technology in these units Also, these units make us proficient in meeting the bulk and urgent requirement of our esteemed clients within assured time frame.

Why Us?

We are renowned as an eminent manufacturer and supplier of high quality Industrial Surge Protector, Automatic Voltage Regulator, UPS, etc. The factors that enable us to achieve tremendous growth in the industry:

  • Well-equipped manufacturing facility
  • Highly experienced professionals
  • Strict quality standards
  • Ethical business policies
  • Timely delivery
  • Competitive price
  • Complete client satisfaction
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